Dazzling Dust Collections are proud to announce the launch of our brand ambassador program! This program is designed to build resumes and give our brand ambassadors a taste of the fashion industry.

We are currently searching for dedicated individuals who have a strong social media presence and are willing to promote Dazzling Dust Collections on their social media accounts

What would you do as a Brand Ambassador?

  • Post on your own social media accounts at least 2 times a week on behalf of Dazzling Dust Collections. You can post once on Instagram and once on Facebook and that would be your two posts for the week!
  • If you have a blog, post at least once a month on behalf of Dazzling Dust Collections.

Simple As that!!


What's in it for YOU?

  • Each brand ambassador will receive massive unique discount coupons based on feedback.
  • Earn Cash! If you prefer, we could give you 10% of the product revenue as Cash (not coupons). 
  • Special Insights to future products with exclusive rights to be the first to get before they are available to the general public. 
  • Great way to build your resume and network with a leader in the fashion industry.

This is a simple way to get your foot in the door in the fashion industry by promoting Dazzling Dust Collections and receive some incredible opportunities and incentives along the way.

To apply simply send us an email to collabs@dazzlingdust.co.uk with the subject line Brand Ambassador and we will send you a unique code which you DM to the customers you refer which will identify that it was your referral and we can then give you your kickback (Cash or Discount). 

The special code will give the customer a 5% discount to incentivise them to buy through you as opposed to going directly via the website.